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Olavia's, Leanne Dyck

novelist, fibre artist

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(Artists & fine Art Artisans, Author/Writer, Fibre art, Literary Arts)
Travel to Mayne Island from the comfort of your favourite easy chair.

Read: Maynely a Mystery
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Synopsis: Olivia Weatherington was raised in a nest of lies. The lies were spun to protect her. But all she wants is the truth. Will she find it? And what part does Mayne Island play in this mystery?

An excerpt from the novel: "My people, my nation has been coming here, from the beginning of time. This is a magical island," he smiled. "You were lost when you came here but now the island has found you. It will reveal many lessons to you: why you're here; who you are; where you came from. Don't be afraid to learn. These lessons will leave you stronger." Michael got up and strode away.

A review: "Rumours of gold, a secret lover, ghosts and other mysteries create a labyrinth of intrigue as Maynely a Mystery traces the lives of the story's animated eccentric characters. Author Leanne Dyck knows her craft, her audience, and her setting. Her novel provides a voyeuristic glimpse into human character and island life."

How to Contact
Olavia's, Leanne Dyck
291 Wood Dale Drive S21, C4
Mayne Island, VON2J0
Ph: 250-539-5625
Web: website
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