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Awakening Wellness Centre, Lars Fenske

Awakening Wellness is your Centre in Victoria for wholistic therapies including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Energy Medicine,, Massage, Colon-Hydrotherapy, Ayurveda, Nutritional Councelling, as well as supporting products and education..

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(Christmas, cooking classes, Education, Healing Arts/Health, Health and Healing Workshops, Holistic Healing, Tai Chi, Workshops/Classes, Yoga)
Awakening Wellness Centre offers the most comprehensive menu of professional, natural therapies and products available in Victoria. The centre offers acupuncture, massage, Ayurveda, colon hydrotherapy and other healing services.
The clinic specializes in stress and pain relief and digestive wellness. Our team of registered health professionals will work with you through safe and effective natural healing methods with a focus on holistic health that includes acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbal medicine, massage and diet and nutritional therapeutics.
We also carry a comprehensive selection of the best wellness products. Our clinic features multiple treatment rooms, an ozone spa room, a community acupuncture treatment space, and a colon hydrotherapy treatment room with state of the art equipment.

How to Contact
Awakening Wellness Centre, Lars Fenske
847 Fisgard Street
Victoria, v8w-1r9
Ph: 250-412-5445
Fax: Same
Web: website
Email: send email