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Jennifer McIntyre

Colourways: acrylic paintings by Jennifer McIntyre

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Jennifer McIntyre is an artist and teacher in Victoria, BC.

Artist bio:

I was born into a family of artists. My great-great grandfather, grandfather, great uncle and aunt were artists, illustrators, sculptors, and stained glass designers. My grandfather’s studio was fascinating to me—the paper, the paints, the smell of linseed oil, the illustrations in progress.

Recently, I have been teaching part time while spending a large amount of time working in my own studio.

I produce hand coloured relief prints and paint in acrylics. I have always been interested in design, and have been working with pattern and colour in still lifes and interiors. Each painting is a puzzle to be solved: combining colours, weighing darks and lights, exploring dominance and subtlety, considering composition and trying to take an original approach to the subject matter. Each painting creates its own challenges and is made up of a ‘series of corrections’ until it is complete.

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Jennifer McIntyre

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