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Joanne Thomson, artist

Joanne Thomson, Artist. This Victoria based artist is best known for her wonderful renditions of the inner forest and her "bottled" series of paintings. Thomson teaches with Royal Road University and the University of Victoria Continuing Studies departm

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Joanne Thomson is well known in BC for fine art and illustration works. Her "bottled" series depicts the complexities of human communication using the bottle as a metaphor for those factors which limit/cloud/hide/protect that communication. This image is I Can't Hear You! watercolour on rag paper 14 X 11" ($400.00)
Landscape it important to almost every artist living on the West Coast and spending time out of doors. In my work as an art instructor I teach others how to draw and see the forest. In my time as a person and an artist, I sit in the forest, draw, observe, smell, and listen. This painting is of Quick's Bottom, a bird sanctuary in Saanich. 14 X 11" ($450.00)
Maples at Goldstream
If you know Goldstream Park, you know it is full of magical places. This place is just off the stairway leading to the waterfall. The maples are embraced by moss and topped with transparent leaves. The dark trunks of the evergreens are like punctuation marks in the flow of greens and lights coming through a break in the canopy. The theme of young life comes again in this work, in the form of a young cedar. How cedars love the deep and damp forest places. Tread softly and look quietly.

Original watercolour painting is 11” X 15”

Available as a giclee print $85.00 plus shipping.
In the past year I have been contemplating using labyrinths and the concept of infinity. This work uses the infinity symbol to explore the complexity of nature (at least that is my intention and was my exploration while painting it. I hope you enjoy it. "Devil's Infinity" 22 X 30" $1800.00 (framed)
The 'Bottled" series is a personal exploration on human communication. The works range in size from 3" X 4" to 22 X 30". I love using colour and overlapping line. These works incorporated the use of black archival ink, and yes the background black is watercolour- winsor and newton lamp black to be precise! "Awakening" 5 X 7" watercolour and ink, $110.00

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