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Wanda Doyle

Impressionist and Realist Oil and Acrylic Paintings and art cards by studio artist, Wanda Doyle. Open many afternoons 3:00 to 6:00, if not earlier, but best to email or call first.

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(Acrylic painting, Artists & fine Art Artisans, Oil painting)
Wanda Doyle is a Vancouverite now living in Furry Creek, on the way to Whistler. Her passion for painting came at a very young age, when she would melt pencil crayon fillings with water to make paint. Nowadays, she paints with store bought acrylics and oils.

Wanda Doyle's "Contemplation", 15"x30", Oil
Wanda Doyle's "Freedom", 30"x40" Acrylic. Prints available in various sizes. Please inquire.
Wanda Doyle's "Moonlit Sail", 24"x26" Tryptic, Acrylic
Wanda Doyle's "Irises", 30"x30", Acrylic
Wanda Doyle's "Sunstreak", 29"x62", Acrylic

How to Contact
Wanda Doyle
1515 Pemberton Avenue, Unit 203
North Vancouver, V7L 2S3
Ph: 604 603-7886
Web: website
Email: send email