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Ramea Heritage Centre

The Ramea Heritage Centre is the place to go for visitor information, to view or purchase locally produced crafts, and absorb the history of Ramea at the Senior Puffin's Museum.

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Located off Newfoundland’s south coast, the centre contains the Senior Puffin Museum which celebrates the 400-year history of Ramea and its surrounding islands. Due to the islands well protected harbours and strategic location to the inshore fishing grounds, fishers and their families from communities along the south coast of Newfoundland and directly from England began to settle on Ramea and its surrounding islands in the early nineteenth century, and overtime established small independent communities. In the early 1940's, as a result of the Smallwood resettlement program, the residents of the islands surrounding Ramea migrated to the island. Exhibits at the Museum also showcase occupational history including mercantile artifacts such as business ledgers and weights, coopering, cobbling, carpentry, and the inshore fishery - including examples of early Acadia gas engines. A variety of domestic artifacts are also displayed including sewing machines and a variety of air organs. A selection of model boats and schooners built by community members are also displayed, as well as a variety of photos of the townspeople and community itself.

How to Contact
Ramea Heritage Centre
5 Church St.
Ramea, A0N 2J0
Ph: (709) 625-2235
Fax: (709) 625-2088
Web: website
Email: send email

Opening Hours
Open: June - October