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Northern Life Museum and National Exhibition Centre

On display in the museum is a collection of artifacts representing the people and history of the North.

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The museum's natural history collection allows you to take in the beauty of the North's wildlife. Also hosted is a series of travelling exhibits throughout the year from museums across Canada and are changed regularly.

The staff at the museum is always busy updating the collection. Recently a new exhibit was put up displaying equipment used by a local prospector, Stephen Yanik. Beyond the limits of the museum wall is a collection of historic equipment that was used in and around Fort Smith.

The Northern Life Museum holds over 10,000 artifacts, many of which were collected by the Oblate Fathers and Grey Nuns. Fort Smith's first collection of artifacts was displayed in 1964 in the basement of Grandin College. In 1972, the Northern Anthropological and Cultural Society was formed in Fort Smith with the purpose of promoting, building and maintaining the present museum.

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