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Haliburton House Provincial Museum

Visit Judge Thomas Chandler Haliburton's elegant wooden villa, furnished with Victorian period furniture and some of Haliburton's own possessions, including the desk where he wrote his famous

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Stop in Windsor at Haliburton House - or "Clifton" as it was originally called. In 1842, an engraving of this house appeared in Canadian Scenery Illustrated with a caption describing it as "a small but elegant structure, delightfully situated on an eminence, which ... commands a noble prospect of the whole township." It was then the home of Judge Thomas Chandler Haliburton, author of the immensely popular Sam Slick stories.

Today the house looks quite different than in Haliburton's time. After he sold it, the house and its contents were auctioned, and successive owners altered and added to the house.

Haliburton House - 1838 A coloured engraving of Haliburton House, by W. H. Bartlett, which appeared in Canadian Scenery Illustrated in 1842, showing the house as it looked c. 1838.

At Haliburton House Museum, see a fine mahogany sloped-front writing desk used by the humourist himself. And, fitting for the home of the author of The Clockmaker, there are also examples of Nova Scotian clocks. Look for the clockwork spit before the open fireplace in the basement kitchen. Dating from the early 1800s, it's a clever mechanical device to save time for the family's cook.

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